Huge demonstration today (10/12) started 1 p.m. in the centre of Athens, teachers union, students unions, more than one hundred high schools. The ages, from 13 to 60 and more.
The demonstration was very militant, with rage every time the special police forces (MAT) were in sight, in the side streets. No breaking of anything, only rage against the police, by the young pupils mostly. In front of Parliament, one hour after peaceful demonstration, the police started shooting again with huge amounts of tear gas and different chemicals. Hell in a sunny day. The tactics of the police is to suppress every demonstration, towards the end of it. The cause of all trouble, whenever there is trouble, is the provocative appearance or standing of contingents of special police forces.

About seven persons were arrested, most of them 13 or 14 years of age, some of them detained and released after a short time and the protest of citizens, parents and teachers. In total, more than 137 persons have been arrested, 100 of them immigrants. They are the ones who suffer the worst oppression and police brutality, mostly accused of stealing from the broken shops, usually without any proofs, but who needs proofs when we are in front of migrants?
Clashes with the police followed the demonstrations in many central roads, for many hours, with barricades of burning rubbish mostly or other materials. Clashes also happen every night around university buildings in Athens and Salonica.

The provocation against the people, the youth and the dead boy was escalated by the solicitor of the two policemen (one of them the executioner) who said that the whole thing is a «misunderstanding» against the policeman, who did not fire against the boy, but he fired in the air and the bullet was ostracized. He continued to say that the dead boy had been excluded from his
school for misconduct and other accusations against the dead. And all this despite tens of eye witnesses who say the opposite, that the policeman raised the gun at shoulder level and fired.
The spirit of the youth is unbreakable, the pupils go and encircle police stations in neighborhoods and in different cities, they close the roads for a short time and to every kind of activism.


The calendar fot the next few days:


Saturday 13, big antiracist demonstration in the framework of migrants days 10-18, in Thessaloniki.
Monday 1 o’clock, big appointment of school pupils outside the central police station, for protest and siege.

Monday afternoon demonstration in Athens, perhaps in other cities.
Wednesday, a day of protest all over the country, by the left wing party, SYRIZA.

Thursday 18, demonstration for migrants’ day in front of Parliament at 5 o’clock, 6.30 demonstration in Athens, in the framework of national day of action against police terror and against the government of blood.  The trades unions are pressured to participate, and many of them will participate, maybe not the central leaderships.

Monday 22, the General Confederation of Labour is preparing a rally in front of parliament against the budget, which is most probably going to be put on the vote. There are proposals again for a national strike.

On Sunday the students co-ordination committee is assembling for new decisions and new proposals of struggle.

More is to come

All activities from Europe are most helpful, the governments of Greece and Europe are afraid the uprising may become contagious, and we must do everything possible to make it contagious.



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